Romo Gym

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Rompo Gym Entrance

Rompo Gym Entrance

Muay Thai Sandbag Training

Sandbag Training

mit Training

Mits Training

Our famous tire sandbag.
This helps to increase overall punching power

Training can be fun

WMC Middleweight Champion , Ramazan Ramazanov Training

Our trainers are tough!

Arslan training


Taking turns on the heavybag

Left Right Middle Kicks 50 times 2 sets

Once a champion always a champion

International Style Fighter Training

K-1's Alexey Ignashov


Students from Hiroshima Josuikan come try out Muay Thai.

Students from Osaka Izumi Highschool come try out Muay Thai

Korea University Soccer Team came to experience Muay Thai

Aichi Sangyo University Boxing club came to experience Muay Thai

Come experience the Rompo Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok. Everybody is welcome!